Parami protocol gets funding to leverage DID and privacy for a Tokenized web3 advertising economy

Parami protocol gets funding to leverage DID and privacy for a Tokenized web3 advertising economy

Parami Protocol secures funding for the advertising economy

The parami protocol will of course be needing funds to fully set up the web3 advertising protocol that i have discussed about couple of times now.

The good news is that, parami privacy centric blockchain and the advertising economy for web3 has $3 Million to help develop the protocol and also Foster User Privacy on Web3 Applications.

The funding round included blockchain investors including NGC Ventures, CMS Holdings, Genesis Block Ventures (GBV), Digital Finance Group, Genblock Capital, Signum Capital, Axia8 Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, PNYX Ventures, and YBB Foundation.

Other investors that contributed to the funding include Crypto Discover, DCI Capital, AU21 Capital, AC Capital, GBIC, Ruby Capital, PetRock Capital, Digital Renaissance, Titans Ventures, Kyros Ventures, Labs, Bella, Blockark, Weblock, Infinite Decentralization Capital, OIG Investment Group, Legion Ventures, IBC Capital, Regain Ventures and some core members of Parity.

What will the funding be used for ?

The funding will be used to build the parami privacy protocols and the paradigm proposed for the advertising economy on the blockchains, enhance user control over their data and identity, and boost user acquisition on the platform.

The funding received will assist and hasten the developments of the privacy protocols of parami, enhance consumer acquisition, and improve platform users management over information and identification (which means helps users to determine how their data are shared or monetized).

Why do we need the parami privacy protocol and advertising economy?

Data privacy has become a big issue for different social media platforms recently, with security weak platforms and other applications selling user data for profits at the expense of data owners.

Parami solves this problem with their ad3.0 model. How ?

  1. parami ad3.0 model is a trust free protocol
  2. parami with the use of the DID network and ZKP protocols protect users privacy and identity.
  3. parami then lets users use their attention on the protocol to have influence, become partners with advertisers, and get paid for their influence.

Do you also want to contribute to the parami protocol? You can anticipate the token launch coming soon.

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